Autumn Content Updates

[25 September 2019] [Edited 30 December 2019]| by Jack Topping

Fellow numismatists,

I wanted to share with you all some content specific changes that will be taking place going forward here on JET Numismatics. Not only are there some scheduling changes, but the overall attitude towards content going forward will be more specific history rich articles with in-depth research, rather than frequent opinion articles or reviews. These changes are broken down below.

JET Reviews:

As previously advertised, JET Reviews was a bi-weekly upload exploring my personal opinions, thoughts and overall review of anything related to the field of numismatics, although the original intention was to have a large majority of the JET Reviews focused on new U.S. Mint products, as well as other national mints.

Secondly, seeing as how well JET Reviews #001 was received, a large focus for these reviews will change from being U.S. Mint product “heavy” to new and existing numismatic books, especially new books shared in the Numismatic Bibliomania Society’s “E-Sylum” newsletter (of which can be found here), as well as other numismatic literary works and publications. Certain specific U.S. or international mint products will continue to be reviewed as appropriate.

The JET Reviews articles will be released upon completion rather than a set schedule. Any updates on new JET Numismatics content can be found at

General Content

I’m excited to announce that in the weeks and months ahead, JET Numismatics will be engaging in new, in-depth articles that are heavy in historical research to provide the reader with an interesting and exciting experience. These new articles will highlight a wide plethora of topics that span throughout numismatic history. This is exciting, as it will give the readers of JET Numismatics an opportunity to learn about world numismatics, as opposed to the more recent U.S. centric topics.

Numismatists who collect ancient coins will be delighted to hear that the first entry of these new articles will discuss specific ancient Roman Empire numismatics in relation to a specific story from that time period. Most of these new articles, going forward, will not only be heavily researched with various sources, but will tie together numismatics with historical events or stories, similar to the way my September 10, 2018 article titled “Rushing Through Panama: The Story of W. J. Topping” was put together.

In addition to these new research articles, more written interviews with top numismatists, authors and others will continue to be featured on JET Numismatics.

As these new changes are put into place and more content is produced, my continued gratitude cannot be expressed enough. It is because of you, the valuable readers of JET Numismatics, that I am allowed to share interesting, unique, and fun content all about coins. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

-Jack Topping

Editor, JET Numismatics

[Edit 30 December 2019: Changes made to the JET Reviews scheduling process.]