JET Numismatics Releases “The JET Numismatics Podcast” & Trailer Episode

[20 January 2020]

“JET Numismatics Releases ‘The JET Numismatics Podcast’ & Trailer Episode” by Jack Topping

As of January 20, 2020, Jack Topping is proud to present “The JET Numismatics Podcast”, a new podcast for coin collectors, paper currency collectors, exonumia collectors, and everyone between. The show, hosted on, will be held every other Saturday night beginning in February of 2020. In the trailer episode below, Jack explains the purpose of the podcast and welcomes you to the show.

To listen to the trailer episode on, please click here.

For Spotify listeners, please see the player below.

Please see the JET Numismatics Podcast page here for more updates about the show as new episodes are released.

The next episode, and first full episode, “S01E02 – A Discussion with Quentin Christensen” will be released on Saturday, February 1, 2020. Please check the JET Numismatics Twitter page here to get the latest news on the show.